Current Class Offerings

Fall 2019 Early Childhood Studio Classes

September 5 – December 7

no classes October 31, November 2 or November 26 – 30


Classes at Miss Jane’s Music Studio provide a joyful family music-making experience while helping children along the path to true musicianship. Classes provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression while incorporating purposeful movement, singing, developmentally-appropriate instrument-playing and focused listening at all levels.

Available Classes

Music and Movement for Babies (up to 18 months)

  • Learn how to play musically with your baby
  • Surround your baby with a variety of musical tonalities and meters to stimulate musical development
  • Bounce, rock, chant, dance, play instruments and peek-a-boo in our 30-minute class
  • 30 minute class

Tues: 11:15 a.m., Wed: 10:45 am, Thur: 10:15 am or 6:30 pm

Music and Movement for Toddlers (18 months – 3 1/2 years)

  • Nurture the growing child’s need for movement
  • Lay the foundation for vocal development and listening skills
  • Sing, move, listen, and play developmentally-appropriate instruments in a structured but playful 40-minute class
  • 40 minute class

Tue: 10:30 am, Wed: 10:00 am, Thur: 9:30 am or 5:40 pm, Sat: 9:00 am

Music and Movement for Preschoolers (3 before September 1)

  • Nurture language development and imagination through musical play and story-telling
  • Develop listening skills and focused attention through sounds of nature
  • Sing, chant, dance, listen, and play musical games in our 50-minute class

Thurs: 3:30 pm, Sat: 9:45 am

Pre-Kindergarten Music & Movement (incoming pre-kindergarteners or 4 by September 1) (new students must also purchase a glockenspiel)

  • Begin the sequential process to music literacy, reading and writing musical patterns
  • Stimulate symbolic thinking, concentration, memory and self-expression
  • Sing, dance, listen and play instruments (melodic and percussive) together as an ensemble
  • 55 minute class

Tue: 4:30 pm, Sat: 10:45 am

Kindergarten Music & Movement (incoming kindergarteners or 5 by September 1) (new students must also purchase a glockenspiel)

  • Prepare for formal piano instruction by developing a repertoire of well-loved songs
  • Read and write patterns and identify them in familiar songs
  • Sing, dance, listen and play instruments (melodic and percussive) together as an ensemble
  • 55 minute class

Thur: 4:30 pm, Sat: 12:00 pm

Piano Introduction/Piano 1 (incoming 1st & 2nd graders, no prior experience necessary)

  • This class is for students new to Miss Jane’s Music Studio who would like to begin piano instruction
  • This class runs from August 28 until December 11
  • Play games to develop core concepts such as right/left, high/low, loud/soft, hand position, notes on the keyboard and the musical alphabet
  • Reinforce moveable do and Gordon rhythm syllables through musical play
  • Play patterns and accompaniments from familiar songs on the piano
  • 55 minute class

Wednesdays 3:30 – 4:25

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  Once a Week Option Unlimited Option (Best Value!)
Babies $235* $285*
Toddlers $260 $310
Preschoolers $280 n/a
Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten $325** n/a
Piano Intro/Piano 1 (15 weeks) $475 n/a

*New babies must purchase in instrument kit
**New students must purchase a glockenspiel

Class Descriptions   Weekly Schedule Register