Discover the joy of online music-making and put your child on the path to musical literacy.

Online Private Piano Lessons

All lessons are taught online via ZOOM.

What Parents Say about Miss Jane’s Music:

“It is truly amazing how you were able to adjust your classes to online so quickly and so well! It’s great that the kids are able to stay on their usual routine and continue learning.”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for doing these classes online. My toddler loves them. I very much appreciate the time you’re putting into continuing the classes.”

“THANK YOU for the amazing class that you are giving to the kids…you really know how to keep the kids motivated…thank you very much for your effort!”

“We truly appreciate the efforts you’ve made! My baby was really waving hard at you during the last taping we viewed….LOL!”

Introducing “On Demand” Recorded Music Classes!

No time to attend a live weekly class? With “On Demand” you can have access to full class recordings, written lyrics and audio files for viewing anytime!

Teaching the Language of Music

To be fluent in a language, one must not only be able to read and write, but think in that language. At Miss Jane’s Music, we are teaching children to think in the language of music. Thus when children read music at the appropriate age they are not “translating” note by note but come to a full understanding and can express the music as a whole. Learn More About the Path to Musical Literacy

Music and Movement Benefits

Music’s melodic and rhythmic patterns awaken and stimulate neural pathways in the brain that help develop memory, math skills, and powers of abstract and creative thinking.

Music touches all spheres of development, including language, self-expression, concentration, social interaction, fine motor skills, listening, problem-solving, teamwork, goal-setting, coordination, confidence, self-esteem, music-playing, creativity, family involvement, poise, bonding, voice expression, family interaction, and emotional development.

Overall, music activities are ideal for your growing child.

  • Music immerses the child in language
  • Evokes movement
  • Stimulates the brain
  • Fosters physical coordination
  • Develops listening skills, the foremost necessity for learning