Toddlers at the Farm Curriculum Resources


12 Weeks of lesson plans that include songs, chants, sounds, fingerplays and dances. Downloadable teacher guide book with MP3 recordings for teaching music to toddlers.

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Toddler Music Circle Time is a proven successful sequence of activities for the perfect 30-minute toddler music class. Developmentally-appropriate themes and activities are carefully sequenced to engage and stimulate. Every song, chant, and fingerplay is recorded for teacher reference and songs are arranged in ranges that children can replicate.

Children love and crave order and routine. Toddler Music Circle Time includes a consistent sequence of activities that even the 2 year old will come to know. Activities flow into each other with the right amount of movement interspersed with silent or quiet listening activities. Although teachers are certainly invited to teach the lessons as they see fit, by following a consistent sequence the lessons become easier to learn and assimilate.

In this unit we explore the world of the farm through sounds, songs, chants, fingerplays and dances. Children will delight in the sounds of the animals such as cows and sheep, and will love the associated activities that go along with each lesson.

Materials include a downloadable teacher guide, MP3 recordings and access to online lesson plans that can guide you step by step as you teach the class live.

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