Preschoolers Sing Curriculum Resources


12 Weeks of lesson plans that include songs, chants, sounds, fingerplays and dances. Downloadable teacher guide book with MP3 recordings for teaching music to preschoolers.


Preschooler Music Circle Time is a proven successful sequence of activities for the perfect 30 to 40-minute music class for children ages 3 – 5. Developmentally-appropriate themes and activities are carefully sequenced to engage and stimulate. Every song, chant, and fingerplay is recorded for teacher reference and songs are arranged in ranges that children can replicate.

How to Use this Curriculum

Preschooler Music Circle Time is designed to be streamed online while teaching. Web access includes teaching directions, lyrics, and recordings embedded right into the lesson plans. In order to fully use the convenience of the online access, a good internet connection is needed plus a Bluetooth speaker for playing the recordings.

You also have access to downloadable MP3 recordings from which you can create compact disc recordings or import the files into your music player on your portable device. Likewise, the teacher guide can be printed or accessed offline.

Lesson plans are sequenced as they should be presented for every lesson. Lyrics and directions are re-written for your convenience, although to teach well you should be able to perform the activities from memory. If certain activities become class favorites, feel free to continue or substitute that activity even if it is removed from the lesson suggestions in subsequent weeks.

Materials Needed
We suggest you have the following on hand for all members of the class:

• Short rhythm sticks (1 pair per student)
• Jingle sticks (1 or 2 per student)
• Scarves (1 or 2 per student)

Feel free to add any other instruments you may have on hand, but we do suggest each child have the same type of instrument.

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