Piano Classes

Group Piano Classes at Miss Jane’s Music Studio

Are we the right choice for you and your child?

Do you believe that music and the study of piano is important to the developing brain? We do!

Do you believe that all children, regardless of aptitude, can benefit from the study of music and piano? We do!

Are you willing to encourage and reinforce reasonable practice at home, helping practice to become a regular habit in the home environment? We’re here to help you!

If so, read on!

Why should you consider group piano classes for your child?

Group collaboration is an ideal setting in which to lean the fundamentals of music and piano playing.

Group encourages an exchange of students ideas and generates a sense of accountability and healthy competition.

Group help students to develop critical listening skills and to solifidy conceptual and skill comprehension.

Group has shown increased student motivation and better quality of preparation.

Group students have the opportunity to practice new concepts while still with the teacher, thus heading off possible mis-practicing mistakes made at home.

Benefits of group piano clases at Miss Jane’s include:

  • *Collaboration
  • *Socialization
  • *Affordability
  • a research-driven curriculum based upon how children LEARN and how they LEARN music.
  • Flexibility
  • On-line resources that reinforce classroom instruction

About the piano curriculum at Miss Jane’s Music Studio:

Miss Jane’s curriculum allows for flexibility. New songs are introduced every week. Although all students are encouraged to learn each song, it it not necessary to master EVERY piece to progress. There may be a piece that is not a personal favorite, but then they get excited by the next one and the progress continues. Pieces are scaffolded so that as new concepts are introduced, challenges arise, but then the level of difficulty may ease back on the next selection, thus allowing for faster and greater success.

Traditional Piano Teaching (private lessons) vs. Miss Jane’s Music Group Piano Classes

Traditional Piano

Students sit on the piano bench for 30-60 minutes
Method books offer mostly unfamiliar pieces
Students work on a piece until it is mastered
Solo playing can lead to problems with steady beat
Tuition can be $240 – 350 per month

Miss Jane’s Music

Students alternate between singing, moving, playing percussion instruments and playing piano
Pieces are taken from the rich American folk song collection that many students have been hearing since infancy
New songs are introduced every week to keep the music fresh, mastery of EVERY piece is not required and does not impede forward progress
Playing together helps students feel the internal pulse of the music
Tuition averages $100-150 per month

Although Miss Jane’s Music strives to serve as many willing children as possible, we may not be a good fit for everyone. Please alert us to any learning issues that are diagnosed so that we may best serve the student. Students will be expected to make appropriate behavioral choices and may be asked to leave if behavior affects the class progress.

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